Picnic Box

For a take away Breakfast or Lunch to be consumed on board or in the middle of the jungle, we have the perfect product to answer your needs. We are already supplying coffee breaks in rubber plantations, lunch boxes for the Similan islands, mid-morning breakfast in Artist classroom etc….for every occasion at every location and matching every budget, our Picnic boxes, baskets and pintos are already delighting hundreds of tourists.

Ready to Eat Service

Our ready to eat service is a variety of selected prepared and cooked and packed dishes. Delivered fresh or frozen and to be re-heated in microwave containers. Our very reasonably priced dishes are very popular among single foreigners and mixed nationalities families living in Phuket as well as small restaurants or bars. Meat balls in tomato sauce, Meat Lasagna, Sheppard pie, Beef carbonade, Chicken ragout etc…. Just fill-up your freezer with a dozen of dishes and you can hibernate for a few days.